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Most voters seemed unconcerned with his private life or his stand on a war that had ended many years before. It has failed rather spectacularly.

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To date, Trump has not changed the historical pattern of GOP presidents appointing fewer minority judges than Democrats. Mindful of the disastrous Republican convention in , Dole's handlers tried hard to distance the candidate from the far right without losing its support. When he announced that New Yorker Jack Kemp, a conservative, tax-cutting former congressman and member of the Bush administration, would be his running mate, Dole's moderate supporters feared the worst. It gets a little easier the more you do it. A high point at the convention came with an informal and chatty speech by Dole's wife, the popular Elizabeth Dole, who went right into the audience, imitating the style of television talk-show hosts. Clinton resisted the compromise policy, which became known as " don't ask, don't tell ," but congressional leaders of both parties made it clear that they would reverse any executive order allowing gay individuals to openly serve in the military. Them, the people with disabilities. After endorsing Obama, Morrison distanced herself from her remark about Clinton, saying that it was misunderstood. Another pick was confirmed after a cloture vote was called. In , Juanita Broaddrick alleged she was raped by Clinton some twenty years previously.

Morris by a margin of It can still be a huge problem. Navy [4] immediately after he graduated from Phillips Academy on his 18th birthday.

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Gordon Liddy , trumpeted their "Contract with America" to spectacular electoral response. There is no title I will wear more proudly than that of citizen. During Clinton's two terms, the President failed to stem the slow but steady disintegration of the New Deal coalition toward a realignment favoring Republicans and independents. Part of the answer rests with the over extension of the Republican charge. That has been tried; that has failed. We must do what America does best: offer more opportunity to all and demand responsibility from all. Most importantly, the economy had rebounded in the previous five months, allowing Clinton to take credit for low interest rates, a low unemployment rate, and a dramatic decline in the federal budget deficit. His ratings were on the rise, and it looked as if the Comeback Kid stood a good chance to do what no Democrat had accomplished since FDR: serve two consecutive elected terms to the presidency. Bush, c. Clinton offered the public more of the same, including "McIssues" such as school uniforms and after-school programs for teenagers, none of which constituted major policy initiatives, but all of which preempted the Republican attempt to portray Democrats as dangerous radicals. So if you read the Constitution, it's rooted in the desire to limit the ability of — Government's ability to mess with you, because that was a huge problem. Them, the liberals. And big bureaucracies, both private and public, they've failed too. After endorsing Obama, Morrison distanced herself from her remark about Clinton, saying that it was misunderstood.

And I worked on it until pretty late last night. Instead, Clinton became the candidate of "family values" and successfully won the suburban family vote, especially that of the "soccer Moms.

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Bush won't take the lead in protecting the environment and creating new jobs in environmental technologies for the 21st century, but I will. But Powell removed himself from contention, inleaving Dole as the man to beat.

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