A high school survival guide and what does it mean to be cool

how to prepare for high school

If the physical changes are really killing your vibe looking at you, acnetalk to your doctor. Mia Feitel. W and say when its due so you won't forget, and to have a reminder Tip A - Get a haircut two weeks early And if you want a new 'do, get it two weeks early.

Meet up with some friends before the dance and go together.

how to not look like a freshman in high school

Save some time to talk and hang out with them. Honestly, learning my best friend already had her period in the fifth grade made me feel so much less like a National Geographic special when I had mine.

A hat. And psst!

how to survive high school essay

Do not do this. Have you joined the rugby?

A high school survival guide and what does it mean to be cool

Stand up for yourself. You start thinking weird romantic thoughts about whatever your personal equivalent of Michael Jordan in Space Jam is. XU - Don't kiss up, do the work The Evil Teacher whose goal is to destroy you teacher but it also works on every other teacher! Don't eat a lot of food. I loved reading. Tip F - Stay together with electives The Middle School system will separate you from your friends but you can use your electives to stay together at least once. If you don't make it, tryout for something else! Crushes can be exciting and terrifying. Don't fight! I loved math. There's always a super-clean private bathroom there. The most important thing to remember is that what you're going through is normal. Full stop. Try your hardest. Our guide still applies!
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4 Ways to Survive High School