A history of the corps of discovery expedition

They reached St. Charles, Missouri.

corps of discovery route

Warfington accepted the command which was sending dispatches, journals, and specimens back to President Jefferson. Lewis writes when he discovers the Great Falls of the Missouri. Much of the new territory was unexplored.

Corps of discovery significance

Gass and two others go up south fork. Researchers now acknowledge that without such contact or help, the Corps of Discovery would have undoubtedly starved to death or become hopelessly lost in the Rocky Mountains. The group was back across the mountains by June and decided to split up into smaller parties for a while so as to explore some of the territory more thoroughly. Lewis took a firm stand, ordering a display of force and presenting arms; Captain Clark brandished his sword and threatened violent reprisal. Lewis regarded him as "a young man of much merit". Pryor and two others go up north fork. Jefferson selected year-old Army captain, Meriwether Lewis to lead the expedition, afterwards known as the Corps of Discovery. December 7 — March 23, Fort Clatsop sewed pairs of moccasins. They pass Beaverhead Rock. Lewis and Clark successfully negotiate for horses for passage over the Rocky Mountains. By this time the expedition had traveled approximately 1, miles. July 15— Camp Disappointment.

Seventeen horses and five Nez Perce guides. Hard to communicate language problems. They also carried flags, gift bundles, medicine, and other items that they would need for their journey. Lewis died at an inn on the Natchez TraceTennessee.

Corps of discovery timeline

Howard would become the last member of the Corps to be court-martialed. Joseph Gravelins acted as interpreter. August Pvt. Private Robert Frazer Robert Frazer d. September The Corps arrives in St. In the struggle, the soldiers killed two Blackfeet men. Frazier, J. Twenty-four lb of powder in lead kegs in separate caches. By spring, the group, comprised of approximately 40 men, began their historic journey on May 14, This almost doubled the size of the new country. Louis on September 23, The Exposition championed the dominance and ambitions of a successful non-Indian social and economic order in the Northwest.
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Lewis and Clark . Inside the Corps