A literary analysis of the clash between two cultures in the joy luck club

Also, when the narrator was described her father saying: "He always been politely indifferent". This prologue enlightens an American audience on the dilemmas faced by immigrants in order to garner sympathy for the mothers in the story who could be misinterpreted without this background information.

At night Wu Tsing raped the mother and asked her to be his third concubine to bear him a son.

what influence does the joy luck club have on american culture

Romagnolo, Catherine. The novel not only brings to light the intense cultural clash that can occur between women raised within two separate cultures, but also explores it further to show that despite the misunderstandings that are occurring with regards to communication, the women at their cores are not that different, they are just unable to verbally express themselves in such a way that it is clearly understood by the other party.

As a result of the heated anti-Chinese sentiment and racial discrimination, a series of laws were passed against the interests of Chinese immigrants. This passing of the torch and the effects of this new cultural responsibility bridges the gap between the two generations as symbolized at the end of the book by the jade pendant that Suyuan passed down to Jing-mei.

And in order to be far away from the pain one must control his or her desire. That these women are attempting to force traditional Chinese culture on daughters who have been raised in the very different American society creates difficulty for the mothers in reaching their daughters on an intellectual level as the children are not equipped with the same inherent knowledge as their mothers and therefore do not understand what their mothers are saying until much later when they are adults Huntley.

This process enhances the intercultural communication competence, as a global villager, making Chinese people more qualified for dealing with foreigners. But what's the Chinese word that means i differe t …" Prescott, p. Huntley, E.

the joy luck club analysis

This shared belief assists in unifying the Chinese society and the continued spread of the same cultural knowledge and values.

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The Joy Luck Club : A Cultural Conflict With The First