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For the most part I was not disappointed, they had terrific actors who knew each and every line, and play the part as if they had lived it each and every day. Abigail alone knows exactly what she is doing; she controls the court officials as tightly as she controls her followers. The play opens a few hours later with Betty lying on her bed, seemingly unable to wake. To test the truth of this charge, Danforth brings in Elizabeth and questions her about her husband's fidelity. In , the Crucible Theatre opened and is a producing theatre on a non-profit base. I think not. Some witnesses caved in; others lost their jobs. For example, a reader will discover the same information as a potential actor in regard to Putnam — that Putnam's father left the largest amount of money to Putnam's stepbrother. Johnny Friendly buys "a piece" of him back in his boxing days. There is another side to the phenomenon.

We see his growing social involvement when he turns down the chance to save Elizabeth by abandoning his friends and their wives.

The Salem witch trials had fascinated him long before he saw their possibility as an allegory for McCarthyism. Yet the haphazard nature of the accusations leaves them wide open to abuse by people like Thomas Putnam.

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This conflict had an enormous effect on the political climate at home. In Miller's thinking, moral honesty cannot be separated from a commitment to society. Tituba, afraid of being hung as a witch, professes faith in God and, after much prompting from the Putnams and Reverand Parris, confesses that two townswomen, Goody Good and Goody Osburn, came to her with the Devil. This is only to say that the villagers of Salem are like people everywhere - they have secrets to hide and worry about their reputations. The Supreme Court acquitted him a year and a half later. Miller has chosen the confusion of the witch trials of this time, to provide a base for the struggles of his main character, John Proctor. Elizabeth perceives that her own physical coldness was partly responsible for the affair between Abigail and her husband. He feels Parris does not deserve respect. I had high expatiations when going to see The Crucible live. Some witnesses caved in; others lost their jobs. The main source of income is through the box office, which is supported by public subsidy from local authority and Yorkshire arts. Ashamed to confess his affair with Abigail, John Proctor speaks up too late.

The only two strong enough to resist - Rebecca and John Proctor have left the stage. Yet the wealthier frequently escaped punishment. Corey has a witness to support the charge but, fearing that the witness will be arrested, refuses to name him.

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Parris keeps complaining that there is a party in the town that wants to remove him from his pulpit. Giles while clearly a good man, is quite deaf and a bit eccentric. It portrays the tragedy of the common man who loses his integrity due to social and economic pressures.

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The entry of various villagers reveals a community split by guilty secrets, personal disputes and quarrels over land rights.

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