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I worked alongside him for many weeks.

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Lennie is a giant man of incredible strength but has a mental disability that makes him slow to learn and almost child-like.

This little information is stated on page lines The trio are ecstatic, but their joy is overshadowed when Curley attacks Lennie, who defends himself by easily crushing Curley's fist while urged on by George.

He died on December 20th, The author is Daniel Keyes.

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In a way, "Of Mice and Men" is an extremely despondent novel. They begin to work on a ranch, and they share the same dream: they want to own a piece of land and farm for themselves. In the resulting struggle, Lennie kills her and runs away. He killed a ranch foreman. Indeed, to coin a phrase, no mockingbirds were harmed during the making of that book. George hurries to find Lennie, hoping he will be at the meeting place they designated in case he got into trouble. She tells him that life with Curley is a disappointment, and wishes that she had followed her dream of becoming a movie star. He was bound in teasing Lennie since he was young. Triumph of Friendship "Of Mice and Men" is a tale of friendship that triumphs over the odds. Swearing B.

The next day, Lennie accidentally kills his puppy while stroking it. George then shoots his friend in the back of the head.

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The book may seem rather boring as many books about the Great Depression may seem but it is actually a great tribute to literature.

Lennie's part of the dream is merely to tend and pet rabbits on the farm, as he loves touching soft animals, although he always kills them.

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All they want is a small piece of land that they can call their own. Another thing that I learned was that it takes a lot of responsibility, and patience to try to take care of some one who is mentally ill. According to the Penguin Teacher's Guide for Of Mice and Men, Curley and Curley's wife represent evil in that both oppress and abuse the migrants in different ways. Steinbeck's short novel raises the lives of the poor and dispossessed to a higher, symbolic level. I have no problem with those titles. Slim: A "jerkline skinner," the main driver of a mule team and the "prince of the ranch". Although he was a great worker, he did not understand how strong he was. She uses her sex appeal to gain some attention, flirting with the farm hands. Its powerful ending is climactic and shocking to the extreme.
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Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck