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In his opening paragraph Wells introduces the idea that men were being studied, just like bacteria under a microscope, by extra-terrestrial life, and in fact this idea foreshadows the end of this fascinating book.

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For one thing, there's a credible motivation for the Martians' invasion they covet our warmer climate , instantly making the book a cut above the myriad BEMs-invade-us-and-carry-off-our-women-because-that's-what-BEMs-do knockoffs that cluttered the Gernsbackian pulps until John W. Cut off from his wife by a cylinder between Maybury and Leatherhead, the narrator decides to travel with the artilleryman. Soon, the object becomes a popular curiosity. The house suffers from the terror the Martians are unleashing, and collapses on them. The War of the Worlds has been interpreted as many things: an anti-imperialist polemic, a prophetic tract on modern warfare, a Darwinian screed. After a kind family nurses him back to health, he makes his way back to Maybury. With all his education, the narrator could not conceive of a plan to stop the invasion.

When the Martians first land in England, they are not perceived as a threat. The farther I penetrated into London, the profounder grew the stillness.

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These may be the first instances of hard SF at a Victorian level, natch put to paper. When the warfare begins, people start to evacuate. If you want to pen an alien invasion story, you must peruse this novel first. In effect, it levels all social hierarchies , putting people of all stations and classes on the same plane. In the epilogue, the narrator considers the significance of the Martian invasion and warns future generations to prepare themselves. Thought so. But after observing the soldier for a few days he realizes that the soldier is all talk and no action. There was something fungoid in the oily brown skin, something in the clumsy deliberation of the tedious movements unspeakably nasty. At this point the novel's pace shifts into high, and we're treated to some action setpieces still strong by today's standards. There are several onlookers when the craft is opened. The curate talks about the beginning of the end, and the great and terrible day of the Lord, and the narrator screams at him, telling him to man-up. But what really startles you as you read these passages is just how creepily prescient Wells' writing was. But there are, I think, a few myths that have arisen about the book over the years. But it was not so much the stillness of death — it was the stillness of suspense, of expectation.

Then something resembling a grey snake, about the thickness of a walking stick, coiled up out of the writhing middle, and wriggled in the air towards me—-and then another…. He is not an insurance agent. The radio play by Orson Wells is almost as famous as the book, especially with the urban myth of causing mass hysteria when first played on the radio.

But in doing so they habitually overlook the key to enjoying Wells's book.

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