An introduction to the analysis of fiber optics

The fiber key is aligned during the manufacturing process to ensure high-quality output, as evidenced by the polarization extinction ratio PER.

It has lower bandwidth than SM fiber and is susceptible to modal dispersion.

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These fibers offer lower splice loss than standard SM fibers and are suitable for a range of applications. The smoother transition causes the modes to travel in sinusoidal paths down the fiber see animation to the right.

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Passive Double Clad Fiber Thorlabs' passive large-mode-area LMA fibers are matched to the core diameters and numerical apertures of their active counterparts to maintain excellent beam quality throughout fiber laser or amplifier systems.

This results in a much smaller change in the refractive indice at the core-cladding interface. Please contact Tech Support if you have any other questions about our fiber. More information about Thorlabs' complete selection of MM fiber can be found here.

No connector is attached to the fiber. The parabolic wave profile of the modes continuously re-focuses the rays.

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The connectors mechanically couple and align the cores of the fibers so that light can pass from one to the other unobstructed. The "PC" stands for "physical contact" because this connector allows the fibers' surfaces to be in direct contact with each other at the connector interface.

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Introduction to Fiber Optics