Audience analysis for research paper

Audience analysis for research paper

The audience profile consists of a paragraph with details on current behaviors, motivation, emotions, values and attitudes, as well as information such as age, income level, religion, sex and where they live. What technology aids will be available?

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Individuals will need to learn about their audience to know the best way to convey their messages effectively. Then consider: Who is most affected How many people are in the audience How important it is that the audience change their behavior How likely it is that the audience will change their behavior Who controls the behavior or the resources required for a behavior change Step 3: Identify Priority Audience Characteristics Identify the socio-demographicgeographic and psychographic characteristics of each priority audience.

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If the desk review does not adequately identify behavioral factors, conduct additional qualitative research interviews, focus groups with members of the priority audience.

Analysis - The target audience is family who want to own a new pet, but they must be informed about the series of steps they have to take in order to posses and introduce a new companion animal in their respective families.

Do any audience members have distinct views or concerns about the problem? Demographics The demographic factors of an audience include age, gender, religion, ethnic background, class, sexual orientation, occupation, education, group membership, and countless other categories.

Do any audience members require a different message to reach them effectively? Therein lays the importance of adhering to the principles of effective communications As with many valuable tools, audience analysis can be used to excess.

The persuasive power of the speech is thus directed at the most important impediment to the building of a park. All that will influence mightily what level of detail you go into and what language and style of writing you use.

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Essay on Audience Analysis