Bachelors degree in creative writing online

This program combines an examination of great works of literature with perspective on how to use them to inspire your own writing.

Graduates of this program are prepared to be content creators in fields such as journalism, public relations, social media management, and advertising, among others.

You will increase your awareness of the formal requirements and on-going practice of this genre by creating a body of creative non-fiction work that demonstrates diversity and understanding. All classes are delivered online and include studies in creative nonfiction writing, fiction writing, poetry writing, and writing scripts.

writing bachelors degree

Short Story Writing. Classes include literary interpretation, American fiction, grammar and usage, digital writing, and history of the English language.

online creative writing associates degree

Practice writing in multiple genres to discover your interests and strengths. IUE also requires a senior seminar and a course in advanced composition.

creative writing college course

In recent years, many writing programs began including elements of web marketing, blogging, and social media. I'm a new student with an accreditation of prior learning.

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10 Affordable Online Bachelor's Degrees in Creative Writing