Benvolio and mercutio comparison essay

However, despite its status, Romeo and Juliet contains a number of elements that lend themselves more to comedy than tragedy and result in a play with a much more comedic slant than it would appear to have at first glance.

For example, the conflict of the.

Benvolio and mercutio comparison essay

Tybalt is not witty enough to use the wordplay that Benvolio and Mercutio use. This sets the scene for Juliet to emerge. Benvolio, on the other hand, seems quite content to simply watch and throw in an intelligent remark on occasion, which is also expressed in the scene where they are on their way to the Capulet ball. This suggests that Tybalt is a very aggressive character in contrast to Benvolio who commands to try and keep the peace. Mercutio tends to dominate any scenes he's in with his humorous speeches. This is significant in that it marks a turning point in the play whereby Benvolio is solely responsible for the life of Romeo, with no input whatsoever from Mercutio. His strong sense of humour often turns into bawdy innuendos; "open arse and thou a poperin pear," as he teases Romeo the romantic Tybalt is actually related to Romeo through marriage, however he is not aware of this. Mercutio expresses the same devotion, but in an entirely different fashion. I will now look at the characters attitudes to status and sum up the similarities and differences. Surprisingly, there are no characters that differ from each other more than Benvolio and Mercutio. Shakespeare presents him as instinctively aware of the tension and his reasonable voice worryingly foreshadows what is to come. Upon meeting someone, Mercutio immediately looks for something to tease them about.

Mercutio is not actually a Montague but he is very loyal to Romeo and the Montague house. In act 1, scene 4 we meet Mercutio for the first time and the impression he give on us is that he is eloquent, humorous and witty and doesn't take love seriously Any subject.

Tybalt is very insulted when Mercutio says, "A gentlemen of the very first house," this means that Tybalt is not a real gentlemen and he is just a fighter. Tybalt is not witty enough to use the wordplay that Benvolio and Mercutio use. Interestingly, Shakespeare presents Tybalt as uncharacteristically wary in this scene.

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The titular characters, Romeo and Juliet, are often at the heart of this. Upon meeting someone, Mercutio immediately looks for something to tease them about.

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By relaying such complex, and possibly personal, thoughts to Romeo, it is made explicit that Mercutio really does care for Romeo — the level of disclosure demonstrating the extent of their friendship. For example, " With piercing steel at bold Mercutio's breast. In Act One, when Romeo is love-sick with Rosaline, Benvolio is there to talk to him about it without simply telling him to get over it. Mercutio is one of the central characters in the play; he is one of the prince's kinsmen and is best friend to Romeo of the Montague household. All through the tale, Romeo's best friends, Benvolio and Mercutio, try to help Romeo with their own particular methods. He also insults Tybalt's fighting skills which is setting the scene for the fight. Tybalt is a huge contrast to Benvolio because Benvolio doesn't care about status, whereas Tybalt does because he accuses Benvolio of fighting below his rank. Throughout most of the play, these two characters are hardly separated, showing them to be good friends. Benvolio frequently mocks Tybalt's fighting skills because he does not believe in fighting and Tybalt always provokes people, "The fiery Tybalt, with his sword prepared. They are two parallel characters. While neither of them can really be described as mature, Romeo is far less levelheaded and dependable than Juliet. Tybalt is not witty enough to use the wordplay that Benvolio and Mercutio use.

Romeo is married to Juliet who is Tybalt's cousin and this is dramatically ironic because the other characters are unaware of this, whereas the audience know they are married.

He can draw a number of comparisons and contrasts to other characters with his quick wit and upbeat attitude.

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All of these characters leave the play in Act 3 scene 1 so that the audience can focus on Romeo and Juliet. This fact does not hinder their companionship at all. Mercutio tends to dominate any scenes he's in with his humorous speeches. In Act Three he encourages Mercutio and Tybalt to go somewhere private to argue or separate when everyone on the street stares at them. When he is trying to make peace he always commands. Benvolio is the kind of friend who is willing to listen when Romeo has something to say. Mercutio is also different to Benvolio but he is fairly similar to Tybalt because he says that Tybalt does not deserve his high status because of his language. Mercutio is a contrast to Benvolio because Benvolio always respects his elders, whereas Mercutio likes to insult people. Shakespeare presents the usually quick-tempered Tybalt as capable of both sensible and honourable behaviour: characteristics we rarely associate with him. At the same time, there are sort of similarities between them. He will draw his sword without a second thought, as he does in Act Three when going against Tybalt. One of the most entertaining characters Shakespeare has created throughout his career without a doubt is Mercutio, who is the kinsman to prince Escales and could be argued to be the most significant character in the play This symbolises the connection and affection between them. This declarative offering Romeo sound advice reveals to the audience that Benvolio knows Romeo very well and cares greatly about his wellbeing.

By examining, conflicts, weaknesses of humanity and deaths, common elements of tragedy are demonstrated. Oppositely, Mercutio is hot-headed and quickly angered. Overall, I think that Benvolio is used as a contrast to Tybalt's aggression and to summarise the play.

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Benvolio and Mercutio Comparative Paragraph Essays