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You have to understand the target audience and then talk to them in the voice that they are expecting, if I am selling to a rural Punjabi audience and if I am doing my work in English, it is not going to work out.

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It relies on advertisements on the internet, television or radio. See basically when we created AAG, AAG was basically the platform for the youth, because in generally in Pakistan if you look at it, there is everything for everybody, the only segment that is ignored is the youth, now obviously the youth has problems, has issues that they want to discuss with people but they cannot, if they have attraction towards somebody and if they want to say out loud but obviously because of the taboo or stigma they cannot, so we do a programme that whoever your partner is or whoever you are interested in put the name there and we will tell you the compatibility.

A comparison of online and offline mediums.

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It is a platform for the youth. Businesses who do not make use of the different social media platforms are completely out of the race.

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How the consumer perceives it remain as important as all of these efforts, so it is actually both the brand and the consumer who set the overall image of the brand. They will be assessed on the basis of their effectiveness with respect to sales. This lets companies acquire customers, while also maintaining customer loyalty that results in repeat custom for the firm. Topic 4:Packaging as a brand marketing strategy: Assessing its Effectiveness in the Retail Sector The success of a brand marketing strategy depends on a number of factors. New brand architecture should be developed around how youths perceive the entertainment related categories. Social media promotional campaigns gain a lot of traction. There are various reasons due to which facebook is considered as a powerful tool. Brand Image of a particular product is the perception of the consumers about it.

People have shared their views on AAG TV as to how they perceive it as a channel; hence, they all have their own positive or negative views about it. Digital marketing has been a game changer in the field of marketing.

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This research will discuss how direct marketing can help companies protect customer data and privacy.

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Marketing Dissertation Topics