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However, hospitals must be sure to select truly efficient providers.

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Ensure that your OR is utilized by physicians efficiently. By outsourcing certain services to more efficient providers, hospitals can share the savings with the service provider. Research the services offered by competing healthcare facilities in the area and define how your hospital would be different. If this is the case, mangers can utilize flexible staffing to allow nursing staff to arrive later so that when surgeries run over, no overtime expenses are incurred, says Ms. Answers to these questions will help determine the start-up costs and the operational costs for building and running your business. Hospitals that use hospitalists to care for patients can benefit from the more efficient care and better documentation that specialized hospitalists can potentially provide. Contracts that are determined to be "high risk" should be renegotiated. All hospitals can benefit from tightening up the efficiency of their operating rooms, but it is especially critical that less busy facilities ensure that their ORs are used as efficiently as possible. Worsham suggests that hospitals perform a profitability analysis by payor and by procedure in order to determine where a facility is losing money and identify any trends. Worsham also suggests that hospitals evaluate contracts on a quarterly basis, even if the contract is not near expiring. Other facilities are saving in staffing costs by reducing benefits for full-time staff. Once you have gathered all of the information from your research, writing the proposal will not be difficult. Donna Worsham, COO of National Surgical Hospitals, suggests that hospital leaders share staffing efficiency benchmarking data with unit managers and provide feedback regarding the productivity of the unit.

During the visit, Ms. Consult with a commercial real estate agent to find possible tracts of land or existing facilities that could be converted to your hospital.

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According to Clete Walker, vice president of development for Surgical Care Affiliates, hospitals are beginning to focus on the need for a comprehensive outpatient strategy and recognizing the need to partner with doctors to effectively execute on this strategy. A concierge is assigned to each new physician who provides them with a tour facility and walks them through every aspect of their day," says Ms.

In addition, Goshen's executives took a voluntary 20 percent cut in order to help sustain the system through the recession.

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Walker reports that he has seen an increased interest from hospitals in joint venture arrangements for outpatient services. Leaders should also monitor the efficiency of this staffing by continuously reviewing benchmarking data such as hours worked per case.

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Hospital leaders must take a close look at their business before making cuts.

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