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Slums have been built in urban areas, and they are characterized by poor sizing and quality construction, violation of land-use and no access to essential services.

Impact of urbanization on society

The changeover from a rural to urban wealth is very rapid in historical terms for most economic systems. There are numerous examples that impact on human living such as lead exposure, noise, asbestos, mould growth, crowding, respiratory disease, and spread of infectious diseases, accidents, and mental illness. Most of the crimes such as murder, rape, kidnapping, riots, assault, theft, robbery, and hijacking are reported to be more prominent in the urban vicinities. Population control Key stakeholders in urban areas must provide campaigns and counseling for effective medical health clinics and family planning to help reduce the high rates of population growth. Possible remedy for the urbanization issues and problems at global level: The most effectual way to resolve issues of urbanization is to make the economy of village and small scale fully viable. Therefore, what they get are useless small lands rather than a gigantic land which is capable of making a great deal of agricultural production itself. The reappearance of flash floods is due to the drainage system being unable to contain surface water run-off that has greatly increased with the higher intensity of urban activities. Another 1 million people may be OK, 2 million might be accepted due to newly created sectors; nevertheless, if another 5 million people come to this city, what will be the result? Combination of these push and pull factors can force people to migrate to cities Gugler

To manage city system and fulfil the great demands of inhabitants due to the rapid urbanization, specialists have stated that government must focus on two critical factors which is solid waste management and waste water treatment.

Availability of transportation: Due to easy transport, people prefer to stay in big cities. These factors have adverse impact on health of the people, air quality and biosphere Girardet Therefore inhabitants are more attracted to migrate in cities to avail hi tech facilities, enhance their lifestyles and ultimately these activities raise numerous urbanization issues.

Educational facilities — Schools, colleges and universities are established in citiesto develop human resources. Solutions of Urbanization Building sustainable and environmentally friendly cities Governments should pass laws that plan and provide environmentally sound cities and smart growth techniques, considering that people should not reside in unsafe and polluted areas.

Causes of urbanization

The most remarkable immediate change accompanying urbanization is the fast change in the existing character of local livelihoods as agriculture or more traditional local services and small-scale industry give way to contemporary industry and urban and related commerce, with the city drawing on the resources of an ever-widening area for its own nourishment and goods to be traded or processed into manufactures Dear, Populations of cities in Europe and USA started to increase significantly in the 18th and 19th centuries. Water is also source of pollution in urban areas. This may be due to poverty existing in this area. Some unlawful factories and even houses which have a poor infrastructure, the waste from buildings are directly channelled to the nearest river or water resources which directly pollute the water. Vietnam is another case, with over 18 million motorbikes and one million vehicles, and with narrow roads, the number of accidents associated with traffic has increased. These acts of urban crime normally upset the peace and tranquility of cities and towns. Development of slums The cost of living in urban areas is very high. In most cities flats are in vogue today. The noise pollution is produced from the various human actions which also degrade the environment and ultimately affect the human health. In as much as urbanization has many adverse effects , they can actually try to be solved by some of the following factors building sustainable and environmentally friendly cities.

This represents that the old agricultural economics is changing to a new non-agricultural economy. Overcrowding also highly contributes to water scarcity as supply falls short of demand.

It is approximate that about half of all knowledgeable urban unemployed youth are living in four metropolitan cities such as in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai.

In ruralareas, people become victims of unpredictable weather conditions such as drought and floods, which can adversely affect their livelihood. The second meaning takes the topic of discussion and it is the one I am much interested in.

positive effects of urbanization

People from different backgrounds, including community members to government representatives, from cities were organized and encouraged to come together and work together in order to deal with the problems that emerge in urban environments.

Migration: Migration is main cause for rapid growth of mega-cities.

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Urbanization Advantages and Disadvantages