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Whether or not you are learning Chinese formally in a school, great apps enhance and speed up your learning. I deleted it and downloaded it again. These tools can be used independently or in addition to others to further enhance how you learn to write Chinese.

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However, Wechat is much more than just a messaging app , with features such as WeChat wallet and mini-programs that allow you to book train tickets, order taxis, rent bikes, order food… you name it! Chinese Dictionary Apps Pleco The dictionary app will probably be one of the most useful and frequently used ones for people learning Mandarin; Pleco may be the app most frequently recommended for this function. Heck yes! On the other hand, some students will love all the contextual info that comes with their searches. A good learning app, regardless of its key learning goals, should encourage you to think. Try Skritter for Free for 7 Days! I am impressed by the clean design and user interface. The app is very good at using games for good learning entertainment. If you haven't tried the beta version yet, you can check out this post: goo. It also teaches characters that build up from smaller to more complex characters in a logical way. Especially if you know what you need, and get the right app with the best fit—which we guide you through in this post. Flash card apps are a dime-a-dozen, I know. This app breaks down characters into their component parts. Now, I can actually study all aspects of each word, which in turn leads to much better retention.

Not to mention, it literally does what the app name says, and nothing more. Compared with some of the others on this list, the interface looks a little messy with all of the translations listed one after the other. You can tap on any word to instantly look it up.

Even though I studied Mandarin for most of my childhood and know a variety of restaurant phrasesI still have trouble identifying some food items here and there.

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Not to mention, it literally does what the app name says, and nothing more. No ads! They could look up if their textbook is in the database, and draw vocabulary right from there. The app is very good at using games for good learning entertainment. All prices listed are in U. You can also study the words offline, and the progress will be synced when connected again. And you can tap to see what the next stroke is, but it always registers as trying to draw a dot. You can look up your progress by the day, week, month, and year. What Character Is That? This could be in the form of games , or simple question-and- answer. All sentences have been carefully translated and they stay as true as possible to the original Mandarin. The lists of vocabulary are expansive, and I can really appreciate that the vocabulary are taken straight from textbooks.

Downloading Pleco is free and the free version is incredibly powerful! Another great feature Skritter offers is the ability to track your progress.

Download the Chinagram App Conclusion Learning to Write Chinese Characters Obviously there are many, many more tools that are designed to help students learn how to write Chinese characters better, but not all of them take full advantage of the technology we all have in our pockets now.

Stroke order guides: to help you find out how to write the Chinese characters in the proper order.

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This would be a useful resource for language learners who are using a particular textbook in their classes.

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