Contemporary issues in nigeria public administration

Services that are part of the governance tend to be more responsible toward its policies and limitations. Of course there are other issues to be dealt with, but these are representative of the difficulties governments face in implementing civil programs for the benefit of the public.

In the latter, contracting has resulted in budget over-runs and in outrageous charges for things like toilets. Decisions at the local level often do not reflect the real needs of the population's majority as they are adopted in the interests of a small social group, which controls almost all national resources.

References: 1. The public nature of development has a significant number of problems, among which unresolved contradictions in the actions of the state, businesses and the public. In this case, the main purpose of public administration is to focus on the achievement of socio-significant results.

The biggest obstacle in the development of effective public administration is a lack of flexible mechanisms to resolve conflicts between private and public interests. However, in practice this does not always happen or it is significantly delayed, resulting in the loss of important and relevant information, which is typical for all levels of public administration in Russia.

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5 Contemporary Issues in Public Administration