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Covello J, Hazelgren B. Quality and safety metrics of the proposed service will be based on the types of metrics utilized and recommended in the peer-reviewed literature discussed in this plan: Number and types of interventions Patient safety improvements Process and quality of care improvements eg, order sets, guidelines, protocols, medication use evaluations Clinical outcome evaluations eg, length of stay, readmissions Committee involvement.

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These costs fluctuate as the volume of e. Examples of monthly key indicators used to measure diagnosed yearly on a local or national basis that may use the progress of a pharmacy service include the number of the service. No particular length is customary. Also mention the key indicators that will be used to structure, and the marketing section might include a graph define and measure progress toward the goals of the new ser- detailing the size of the patient population e. Abstract Critical care medicine has grown from a small group of physicians participating in patient care rounds in surgical and medical intensive care units ICUs to a highly technical, interdisciplinary team. When the research questions describes your business or practice, what it intends to are clearly formulated, an assistant e. Involvement in medication use review as appropriate. For example, there were Proposed hours of coverage are from to , representing the ICU's busiest times. However, voluntary reporting systems are retroactive and have disadvantages with respect to under-reporting of events either not appreciated by the clinician or thought to be of minimal consequence to the patient or near misses. A description of strategies to ensure adequate staffing c. These expenses include the cost of train- financial information, such as gross margins and cost of ing e. This planning can Start-Up Financing give investors confidence that the pharmacy is prepared to This section should provide information on how the new manage the situation no matter what course the service takes.

These letters can be included in the ties. For example, the table Before finalizing the plan, it is worthwhile to present the of contents should be detailed enough that readers can easily draft document to impartial outsiders for review Table 3.

During the process of preparatory step: developing a business plan.

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Sample ICU Pharmacy Service Description The critical care pharmacist will be responsible for comprehensive medication management that will include: Participation in interprofessional rounding, patient care meetings, and code arrests. How large is the Keep the title page simple and brief, but also attractive and market? This vision can be developed by reviewing the literature and interviewing service stakeholders. This proposal will move us from a fundamental provider to an optimal provider of pharmacy services in the surgical ICU. Evaluation tools include a patient satisfaction survey care? A table of contents for the business plan should be listed on the title page. By following the format and information listed in this article, the pharmacy director can move closer to developing patient-centered pharmacy services for ICU patients. Which type of statement should pharmacists write to and may take the CE Examination online. For example, we will employ only one pharmacist and use pharmaceutical technicians to fill the void. Used to define and measure progress toward goals of a. Naperville, IL: Association; During the process of preparatory step: developing a business plan. If the market analysis identified local enue and expenses for years 3 and 5 after start-up. Also mention the key indicators that will be used to structure, and the marketing section might include a graph define and measure progress toward the goals of the new ser- detailing the size of the patient population e. CE Credit To obtain 1.

There is no single way to develop a business plan, but keeping the proposal clear and simple will improve its ability to be understood, especially by administrators with minimal clinical background.

CE Credit To obtain 1. Funding of the service may also be a joint effort.

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To develop good business strategies, perform a SWOT analysis of your business. The business plan is divided into several sections; these recommended sections along with brief explanations are shown in Table 1.

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In one investigation, the type of activities performed by an ICU-based pharmacist was evaluated. Executive Summary The first part of the marketing plan, the market analysis, The executive summary, which is sometimes compared describes the target market for the service and explains how with the abstract in a medical journal article, captures the the service will be differentiated from the competition.

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Implementing a self-care—consulting practice. Monograph Writing a Business Plan for a New Pharmacy Service 7 mechanism to track the success of advertising and promotion- consulting service on nonprescription medications and other al strategies, so future advertising dollars can be spent effi- over-the-counter products may provide significant revenue ciently. The service can be running with full resources within [insert number] months, with various steps in approval of positions and budgeting to be completed by first quarter of FY The plan may Projecting Expenses include low, moderate, and high estimates for revenue, based The financial plan should estimate initial and ongoing on varying assumptions for the level of demand. Projection point. Its reputation? Also consider sales of nonpharmacologic from new patients, include a question that asks how they products, such as monitoring devices for hypertension or dia- learned about the pharmacy service. Balance point.
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