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View integrating sources activity Establishing your own position You will learn about the organisational and linguistic techniques you can use to establish your own position in relation to the literature you are citing.

It focuses on its various functions, the common information elements it contains and its organisational structure. Keeping a research journal or diary You will explore the value of keeping a research journal whilst conducting your research.

Make a timeline of checkpoints to assess where you are with your work and stick to your plan. Manchester Metropolitan University Students' Union How to survive your dissertation Monday - Your whole university career has probably been leading up to this beast — your dissertation.

View accessing and organising the literature for the dissertation activity Research proposals, dissertation titles and personal journals In this subsection you will identify the important elements in a research proposal, practise ways of writing an effective dissertation title, and explore the benefits of keeping a personal journal as part of the research process.

You can even get feedback on your writing which will help to hit the right tone with your work, or you could even go to a study skills workshop to help you maximise your time.

Contact your supervisor early You have a supervisor for a reason.

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View the purposes of a dissertation abstract activity Choices of verb tense and voice in different parts of an abstract You will look at the changes in verb tense and voice that are likely to occur in an abstract and consider the reasons for these choices.

View research questions and hypotheses activity Accessing and organising the literature for the dissertation You will explore effective ways to search for information and read efficiently.

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