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Either due to their being little to no DNA evidence in the beginning of their case or the DNA evidence was tested incorrectly or possibly tampered with and that is what lead to the conviction of the wrong person From a very young age every person is taught to profile.

DNA Forensics: Expanding uses and information sharing. This method of forensic evaluation is examined by using genetic material, DNA, an acronym for deoxyribonucleic acid.

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There are issues involved in its application as it can be seen as an invasion of ones privacy through the use of DNA banks The integration with forensic science has also enabled forensic psychologists to stand in court as expert witnesses who are able to give information regarding the importance of DNA analysis, its credibility as well as ensure the integrity of the information given.

Police use what is called DNA Fingerprinting to extensively investigate crime scenes.

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The collection process proceeds after the identification of the material evidence with DNA The uniqueness of fingerprints is of common knowledge. O'Dell, argues that quality assurance can be described as a combination of several systematic actions that are instituted properly in order to ensure quality. Racial profiling, behavioral profiling, and religious profiling are just a few ways that humans profile one another, each one being discriminatory but some less than others The use of the standards will be of importance even to forensic psychologists as they will be able to ensure that there is the use of proper equipment and proper processes in order to ensure that the DNA analysis that is done is correct and to the point. The table by Innocent project argues that DNA evidence has been of crucial importance in ensuring that the justice remains fair and just to person. Roewer Investigative Genetics, This might explain the reason as to why there is an increased number of expert witnesses that have appeared in courtroom as also DNA experts. In fact, it has been particularly important to those crimes that have gone unresolved for several years. In addition, it helps to establish a connection between the evidence and the criminals. DNA profiling has many uses, both positive and negative, in our society. Moreover, since the introduction of this new technique it has been a large number of individuals released or convicted of crimes based on DNA left at the crime sceneDNA is the abbreviation for deoxyribonucleic acid.

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