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What did cavemen really eat and were they actually healthier? Blood pressure and cholesterol level were similar between the two groups.

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The human race is genetically adapted for a life of regular activity rather than long sedentary periods: walking, lifting, bending, climbing and carrying, be it wood, water, food or children. These conditions, along with steady rates of heart disease, cancer, and inflammatory problems, have led some to predict that the young generation now growing up will the first ever in our history to have shorter lifespans than their parents.

Moreover, they are also advocates of sustainable, humanitarian farming practices and the promotion of healthy, untainted foods.

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Such changes have not ceased in the past 10, years. Bruer, 37, knows that all too well. She maintains our primal ancestors did more gathering than hunting and had varying diets, dictated by the environment and what foods were available. But processed and genetically modified food, agricultural methods and sedentary lifestyles have made us sicker than we have ever been, they argue. Paleo eaters are often seen by vegetarians and vegans as a selfish group that are looking to take society backwards instead of forward. These foods are nutrient-rich and contain important vitamins and minerals. Studies show that the healthiest people are those who eat a lot of vegetables, grain and fish, and small amounts of meat, Moffat says. In most cases, we have transformed the species we eat through artificial selection: we have bred cows, chickens and goats to provide as much meat, milk and eggs as possible and have sown seeds only from plants with the most desirable traits—with the biggest fruits, plumpest kernels, sweetest flesh and fewest natural toxins.

Take whole grains for example. But like so many things in life, there often comes a time for corrections, and diet is no exception.

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Archaeologists and anthropologists have already collected hard data on the best evolutionary-concordant diets.

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Should We Eat Like Our Caveman Ancestors