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Learn more Screenplay and Script Coverage Services Get a full report on your screenplay by a professional script editor. As a writer and editor, she embraces the framework of the Story Grid method and counts it as one of the most useful tools a writer can leverage. Her input has helped me avoid the pitfalls and up my game.

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Rebecca Monterusso Rebecca Monterusso describes herself as an analytical-creative and a renaissance soul. Submission package edit This is one of my most popular offerings: Comprehensive query letter editing, synopsis notes, and fiction editing on the first ten pages of prose. She has been to seven different countries, earned degrees in biochemistry and Spanish, and has held jobs in multiple industries, all of which has helped her become an effective communicator and passionate learner. Is there a market for what you're writing? If you are an independent author, you may want to consider one or both of these services ahead of going to print with your book. Thorn earned a B. My work directly with writers had always been my favorite part of agenting, and so it wasn't a tough decision to make. He took the time to send me notes, as well as receiving comments and notes from me and working on my Glossary and Index.

She is currently on contract, writing a Story Grid guide to a masterwork, and drafting blog posts for the Story Grid website. She believes that humans communicate through story, and the ones we choose to tell have the power to change the world.

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She thrives in one-on-one mentorship roles and loves being a part of the inspiration and improvement process. Other Editorial Services In addition to our manuscript assessment service, TLC is able to refer clients on a case-by-case basis for copy-editing, proofreading and ghostwriting.

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We did these all the time at the agency.

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