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Was the level of difficulty appropriate? This information can help you identify areas in which students need further work, and can also help you assess the test itself: Were the questions worded clearly?

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Maintain consistency between goals for the course, methods of teaching, and the tests used to measure achievement of goals. For example: Write a letter to the local county council, explaining the environmental issues in the area, and requesting them to produce some measures; giving evidences and social arguments from government reports.

Design test items that allow students to show a range of learning.

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This type of essays is greatly pragmatic, using data the students collected, allowing students to reflect and analyze. This type of essays allows the students to become involved and see the relevance of the task. Furthermore, new approaches to student assessment are still in the experimental phase and thus we can never truly evaluate a student by some computer generated quizzes. The reason s for giving a test will help you determine features such as length, format, level of detail required in answers, and the time frame for returning results to the students. Use consistent language in stating goals, in talking in class, and in writing test questions to describe expected outcomes. If you decide you want to test mostly recall of information or facts and you need to do so in the most efficient way, then you should consider using multiple choice tests. Avoid questions on obscure material that are weighted the same as questions on crucial material.

On the other hand, multiple choice exams provide less opportunity than essay or short-answer exams for you to determine how well the students can think about the course content or use the language of the discipline in responding to questions.

This type of essays is useful if the assessors wish to test specific knowledge and techniques, it is also easier to mark as the assessors know what type of answers to expect.

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Write about the following topic: During the last twenty years, the assessment of students has undergone a major transformation. For example, if you wanted students to use analytical skills such as the ability to recognize patterns or draw inferences, but only used true-false questions requiring non-inferential recall, you might try writing more complex true-false or multiple-choice questions. To begin with, formal examination, in many cases, does not reflect the true knowledge and ability of a student. Was the level of difficulty appropriate? Use consistent language in stating goals, in talking in class, and in writing test questions to describe expected outcomes. On the other hand, your test may not have measured what you intended it to. The following ideas may be helpful as you begin to plan for a multiple choice exam: Since questions can result in misleading wording and misinterpretation, try to have a colleague answer your test questions before the students do. To commence with, the use of technology in education has made learning, teaching and assessment process more convenient and accurate. For example: Which questions proved to be the most difficult?

For example: Using the measurements found in the laboratory, explain and discuss the chemical reactions between the two main elements found. You can help students prepare for the test by clarifying course goals as well as reviewing material.

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