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Energy is required to do all kinds of works. So, sustainable balance must be maintained between economic development and population growth. Today, Pakistan is faced with a shortage of to megawatts of electricity which is further increasing to megawatts every year.

Over the last 60 years, we have remained dependent on hydro and thermal power generation. The modes of fuel transport can be expanded. Steps need to be taken so that the world may avert an energy crisis of disastrous dimensions.

As the traffic of our country is constantly on the increase, we are also suffering from severe shortage of gas and petrol. A century later, oil and gas were added to satiate the thirst of industry.

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Related Articles:. During the 70s, energy was a booming industry that everybody wanted to be a part of. During the latter crisis they suffered severe damage to power networks along with diesel and coal shortages.

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Energy crisis in Pakistan