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They will do exactly what they are programed to do no matter what it requires, which can be good and bad. Robots are powered machines that can complete three tasks: sense its environment, decide, and executes an action. For example, phones, calculators, microwaves, printers, and computers. First of all, whenever robots are working they commit fewer errors in a different number of ways. What is a robot exactly? There will be no need for people to socialize as robots will go run errands, and function as eyes and ears; for example a cellphone. Also, robots will never ask for health or retirement benefits, so hiring a robot is much cheaper than hiring a human. There has always been an aura of mystery and discovery surrounding them. Technology plays an important part in altering our lifestyle. The first uses of modern robots began in factories as industrial robots, which were just simple fixed machines with the ability of manufacturing tasks allowing production without the need for human aid.

Robots take away work from humans. Nagle Delaware Technical Community College Critical Analysis of The Robot Invasion In the article The Robot Invasion by Charles Gillis, it talks about in the not too distant future how robotics will be a part of everyday society, how it will be used in manufacturing and labor industry instead of people for jobs that are dirty, dangerous, and difficult.

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Essay Topic: Society Robots in Society Some argue that the increasing use of robots might be dangerous for us. Right now, all over the world, robots are performing thousands of tasks.

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Robots take away our responsibility. There exists some pressing need for robotics in the field of social care for the elderly hence the policymakers began casting the eyes towards robotics as some possible avenue for cheaper and compliant help Matuseszek, Topic: To understand why the inspiration of the common caterpillar is used to create the next generation of soft structure robots and what they will be used for once they are completed.

Professor Ishiguro is one of the many people who are currently working in the field of robotics and is conducting a research in the field of Artificial Intelligence AI.

At least that is what we hear and think.

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