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They used franchising as an entry mode for almost every country ignoring the different culture and demand patterns. Drucker Piracy and This strategic option may allow the company to strategically focus on those products line which could increase the market share of the company and give it competitive edge amid the aggressive competition from both ends of the market.

The retail infrastructure is developing fast in the major cities of Moscow and St Petersburg, where the competition is the highest.

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However, Marks and Spencer have to look closely at the habits of the Russian customer in order to adapt their hospitality and services and not disturb them by overwhelmed staffs and services. At the end of the company had to temporarily shut down its website due to a security breach Curtis, and in , poorly integrated IT systems in the company are still being experienced. The company which is currently years old has built its image on offering a quality value-formoney products strategy has recently started refocusing on a low cost strategy for its clothing business. The objective is to generate reverse marketing by creating a positive post-purchase experience for the buyer in order for them to return to the stores and repurchase products on several occasions. This needs to be carried out regularly as the retail sector is always changing. Webster Marks and Spencer often use forecasting in their day to day planning. Intensity of competitive rivalry In the retail sector in which Marks and Spencer operates, competition is strong and growing — the company is facing intense rivalry from supermarkets chains, homewear stores and fashion retailers. Harrison, Essentials of Strategic Planning pp. This show that Marks and Spencer is the leading player in the UK lingerie market. A negative of this decision making model is that it is vague and based upon little information. This resulted in customers cancelling delayed orders Butler, Come up with new quality products in areas of cloth food home and financial services and achieve customer satisfaction through quality service. Under Jung, Avon's vision statement read: "Our vision is to be the company that best understands and satisfies the product, service and Regarding the positioning of the brand, Marks and Spencer are internationally perceived as a company that provides in the best locations easy to shop stores, good quality and healthy food.

The advantages of having host sale staff is their knowledge of the market, the culture and the language where as the advantages of the home sales staff is that they do not need training and can ensure loyalty Brassington and Pettitt Environmental factors Although the Russian government is making efforts to attract investors and to modernize the retail sector, with less strict customs and tax systems for foreign investment they implement high tariff barriers.

Even though the company still holds the first position in terms of sales by value, its 14 quarter slump preceding a one-off rise in sales in the first quarter in makes it likely that the company will be moving its focus from clothes to food The Economist, It can also think of following differentiation strategies accompanied by a focused approach.

Key Legal Brexit Issues for Retailers.

Exploring the business methods of marks spencer business essay

Currently, the foreign retailer that has the largest presence in the Russia is the German group, Metro. London: Retail Week.

It has analysed SWOT and forecasting as planning methods to achieve goals.

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The current Chief executive of the company is Steve Rowe, and the current chairman of the company is Archie Norman.

The proposed strategic options present an opportunity for the company to regain its market share, sustain its growth in the years ahead and compete more aggressively in the retail market of the UK.

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Marks and Spencer Analysis