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Social and Cultural Change An influential view of the social effects of the Second World War argued by Arthur Marwick — , 29 is that total war had far-reaching effects, which went beyond the obvious negative effects of destruction, deaths and dislocation. The quotation is taken from the introduction by Richard Wall and Jay Winter, p. To take one, rather strident, example: of an angry German veteran who had lost his teeth in a grenade attack and was refused extra financial help for dental treatment. Whether the war experience resulted in a transformation of the position of women in post-war society and whether many women wanted such a change have been doubted by some historians. Great cities such as Warsaw, Kiev, Tokyo and Berlin were piles of rubble and ash. The Crisis of Constitutional Government, Oxford , p. It was something rather different when seen from the perspective of an Austrian orphan than from the perspective of a French ancien combattant. Such an interpretation of the dark history of Europe in the twentieth century does, of course, downgrade the importance of ideology and of the "great dictators" and has been attacked on the grounds that the coming to power of Adolf Hitler — was, not only the major cause of World War II, but that his hysterical and paranoid agenda gave that war its own unique and horrific nature. On May 3, , the Allies began the trial of 28 Japanese civilian and military leaders for war crimes.

This is the England of arterial and by-pass roads Since WWII affected not only countries differentially, but also regions within countries, we constructed data on combat operations using sources from military history Ellis, Whether these post-war developments represented a continuation of war-time systems of government, had already been evident in pre-war Europe, or were largely a response to the problems of a ravaged Europe can be debated.

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The United Nations grew from 51 nations in to by the end of the century. Now, inanother new word appeared, the DP, or "displaced person". But the flapper represented only a small percentage of American women; for the overwhelming majority, life did not change that much.

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Disabled Veterans in Britain and Germany,Berkeley et al. Such states have often been called "totalitarian", though human nature, even when faced with horrendous penalties for disobedience, has inevitably eluded total control.

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Consequently, while many postwar societies remained ethnically mixed, they often were less so than before the war and, at the same time, were plagued by tensions and conflicts far greater than had been apparent before Soviet forces occupied the north, while U.

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