Hr policy manual research paper

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There are human resource issues that are impacting the company on a global level. Help senior management towards better decision making.

research paper on hr policies

Grace, In the textbook, human resource policies are stated to be usually listed in the employee handbook. The phrase sexual harassment is not listed in the bible; however, God addressed the elements of it.

More companies testing employees for drug use. It makes employees more productive.

Hr policy manual research paper

First of all, the manual makes it sure that your company policies regarding the employees are perfectly in compliance with the set legal standards of your industry, state and country. The employee policy manual should inform employees of their retirement and pension plans and corresponding benefits.

While it is difficult for smaller companies to offer competitive salary and benefits, it provides a big advantage in retaining and ttracting top employees if the company is able to provide these services.

Americans with Disability Act ADA regulates the employment of physically or mentally disabled individuals.

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Way to understand implementation of policies. Download This HR employee acknowledgment manual template is to be handed over by the employer to a newly recruited employee -as the document states clearly that the employee is acknowledging the duties, responsibilities and commitment legally expected from him as part of that organization. At present there are few formal Human Resource policies and procedures in place. Employee Drug Use Drug use by future or current employees must be clearly defined by organizations. If this is not clearly communicated, organizations could be forced to deal with legal and payroll issues. These plans require more out of pocket costs from the employee for treatment but also provide employees with the ability to deposit money from their pay which is pre-taxed in order to cover the costs. The policy manual should outline in a clear and strict manner to avoid potential law suits. Proving sexual harassment cases is difficult because the victims have to show evidences that the behavior created a hostile work environment. It is vital to have a written plan of action for disciplinary or corrective actions for issues such as misconduct or workplace violence. Harris claimed that the president of the company discriminated against her based on her gender Defining sexual harassment, Often, these important legal documents are overlooked but have been responsible for the demise of many organizations. Smith, Employee Separation Employee separation is any form of a current employee leaving their position such as resignation, termination or outplacement. The textbook escribes the key role that effective performance evaluations play as they can be an essential tool to providing justification for promotions as well as terminations. The transparency of the company that is evidenced by a policy manual should provide will help avoid grievance or legal action.
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