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As a result, there is a myriad of distractions competing for our attention.

Having gone through this article, you now have both firmly entrenched in your mind. The mechanisms discussed are summarized in Table 1. Being willing to admit to yourself what you really want is the first step to taking consistent action toward it. Cat videos. Reflect on your acts and emotions If you stop for a moment after each day to reflect what you have accomplished and what is still pending, then you will have an overview of what task you have for the next day. These techniques, which are listed in the next section, fall into two main categories: Behavioral techniques. These packages provide you with the ultimate visual reference library for all your personal development needs. Eat something moderately healthy. Another useful method for beating overwhelm is to work with a passionate disposition. Eat that frog Mark Twain suggested that if the first thing you do in the morning is to eat a frog meaning to perform the most challenging task then, any other tasks that follows for the day will seem less distressing. As such, by minimizing the number of decisions you have to make within a certain timeframe, you can improve your ability to make decisions in a timely manner. This can, however, be difficult to do with the most laborious tasks on your agenda. Make it easier to get started on tasks The easier you make it for yourself to get started on tasks that you need to complete, the more likely you are to get finish them in a timely manner.

As we saw earlier, you are more likely to follow through on commitments that are concretely defined, than you are to follow through on commitments that are vague.

There is no single method that works perfectly for everyone, so you should try out different techniques until you find the one that works for you. As a brain and human behavior enthusiast, she is more than happy to answer your questions and share her experience.

You must now do what you know without any excuses. Maladaptive strategies are strategies that cause you to deal with difficult situations in a negative way.

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The Two Types of Motivation that Spark Proactive Action Motivation and procrastination sit on opposite sides of the psychological spectrum. Breaking free of these illusions requires both awareness and an understanding of its makeup. For example, you can decide to take a short break and watch some TV for every chapter that you read in preparation for a test, or you could eat a small piece of chocolate as a reward for every task that you complete while working on a project. This will, subsequently, entice you to stick with your task for longer than the allocated minutes. Many goals are reached by trial and error. Cassidy and Kangas , p. Adaptive strategies are strategies that allow you to cope with difficult situations in a positive way. Deadlines should be meaningful. For example, if you use highlighters while writing notes, you can decide to limit yourself to a small selection of colors, which will make it easier for you to choose from them each time you need to use one. There is no room for perfectionism if you aspire to achieve your goals.

Fatigue Sleep deprivation and rushing to keep up with deadlines lead to both physical and mental exhaustion. Being unfulfilled in our relationships, with our careers, or just with life in general, can distract us from high priority activities that would typically further our success in these areas.

By addressing domain-specific behaviors described in a high-level language e. If not, then you probably deserve the consequences!

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Turn your knowledge into proactive action and put an end to procrastination for good.

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5 Pieces of Wisdom Hidden in Your Procrastination