Impact of increased business and culture

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Secondly, there is more efficient trade between different countries around the globe thereby improving the economies of developing countries. Employees that participate bring back what they learn and share it with their colleagues.

Trade and cultural relationships between countries

Gehani and Gehani define conflict as simply the result of natural differences that occur between people from different backgrounds [ 23 ]. Employees must feel contacted to the organization and understand how their individual effort contributes to the bottom line. Some studies show that it costs six to nine months salary on average every time a business replaces a salaried employee. Through the progression of time, the issues regarding the increased interaction between countries have become controversial. Cross-culture communication is not easy, especially when we are unfamiliar with the receiver of the information. Write at least words. Someone can feel hatred and anger to other nations only if his vision was blurred with the propaganda. Technology is simply the use of mediums such as email, Internet, text messaging, and cell phones to communicate. High staff turnover is not only expensive, but it lowers staff morale and can make the job harder for those who remain. So from this point, it can be inferred that cultural contact between nations can maintain the world peace. Communication is important because it allows for the exchange and refinement of ideas. As outlined above, increased interaction between countries in the domains of business and culture can either strengthen or undermine the identities of countries involved.

Although, Samsung and Hyundai both compete in different industries there are parallels that can be gleamed from how they communicate and inspire innovation from their employees.

Research indicates that cross-functional teams are more effective at new produce development that is valued by the customer [ 21 ].

in recent years through the internet air travel trade and popular culture

Nonetheless, we have to keep in mind that it is exactly because of the diversity that makes our planet exceptional, and it is certainly that we do not lose our values as well as identities when making our lives better. Environment refers to the external forces that affect the company.

due to effects of globalisation the cultures of some countries

Samsung has used these competitive advantages to enhance its relationship with customers and expand globally. You should write at least words. Globalisation has increased the integration between nations in terms of economic, cultural, and social aspects.

Employees play a vital role in innovation.

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Impact of culture on business