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They eagerly wait for the bell.

Eating lunch with my friends essay

In retrospect, getting to school around 7 was not the worst event that happened to me. I generally bring my tiffin with me. And later the traditional desserts are served like kheer, gulab jamun, and kulfi or ras malai and shahi tukaray. They usually sit on floor. Since most students spend roughly eight to twelve hours in school, it is important to make sure that they are provided with a healthy and nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack. Japanese food is not only healthy but has low calories which is the key of their healthy living style. Yet students manage to play. Many students can be seen browsing through the papers, the Internet and magazines. There would be less bullying that happens in the hallways and cafeteria; supervisors would be able to observe all the activities happening in one room. During lunch time, chicken grilled with quail eggs and pork are highly popular in Japan. Essay - Education plays a dominant role in the lives of students all over the United States. Japanese food is freshly prepared and has a special aroma in their food. Sandwich Blitz is not a fast food restaurant but customers are always concerned about time, especially during their lunch breaks. So, from time to time, he permits us to play friendly matches with the neighbouring schools.

They want a complete off-day for viewing Mahabharata and other interesting T. Casado, Matt A. The Breakfast of the Japanese is very simple with mint or green tea with some biscuits or fruits. In summers barbecues are very common especially on social events.

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In retrospect, getting to school around 7 was not the worst event that happened to me. The teachers too go to the shop but in their vacant periods. Then they rush to their respective classes, hoping to be in before the teacher. The bell goes. Time for breakfast. Students are in a hilarious mood and run from one place to the other. We devote next day to Hockey. The school play-ground is not too far-off. Our school is a day school. Georgia Pie is another highly rewarded company in the fast food industry. When the unfriendly staff unlocks the door, the beauty of temporary freedom puts a smile on my face. The lunchtime is not only for students but also for the teachers. There is noise all over the place. Students are tired of standing in the lunch line for 20 minutes to get lunch, and then, they barely have any time left to eat their lunch.

Soon there is big crowd at the water coolers. The atmosphere in the school becomes quiet again. It can be easily played during the recess period, After all forty-five minutes are not a smaller span of time. Traditionally, female members prepare foods and serve it.

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Then they rush to their respective classes, hoping to be in before the teacher. The only responsible children at that time are the prefects.

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We eat something or the other. Some teachers devote the recess period to correcting the exercise-books of their pupils. Next having a re-creation of high school musicals lunch number is a must.

Lunch time essay

Each of them keeps a watch on the closed door of the room so that nobody enters; for students are prevented from entering the classrooms during recess.

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Essay on Lunch Break in School