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Upon investigation Mattel found that the lead paint contaminated cars were a result of their manufacturers subcontracting part of the painting of the die cast cars to Hon Li Da Plastic Cement Products Co. But the new China has moved up the value chain. Always Act Fast A quick reaction won't solve all of your problems, but failing to do so, will open up a new can of worms to deal with. From August through September of , Mattel issued 3 major product recalls of approximately 19 million toys for safety and health concerns. Evaluation All in all, Mattel had a very organized, appropriate response to this massive recall. They are some of the most familiar and best-loved children's characters. We apologize again to everyone affected and promise that we will continue to focus on ensuring the safety and quality of our toys. Mattel recalled millions of toys that year, including those produced under licenses for characters including Elmo, Big Bird, Barbie and Polly Pocket. The company makes toys for American brands. Mattel's recalls illustrate how difficult it is for a multinational company, despite its best efforts, to keep tabs on all sorts of suppliers around the globe. The Pixar toys were made by yet another contractor, Early Light, which had subcontracted production of the car's roof and tires to a company called Hong Li Da.

But Mattel has also been running an investigation of all its toy manufacturing since early July. When companies are slow to react or spend most of their time placing blame on others, the public reacts negatively, criticizing companies for their negligence and irresponsibility.

But even as it increased the share of toys it makes itself to about half, it still relies on roughly 30 to 40 vendors to make the other half. Mattel has not stepped up checks on the nearly 3, companies that license its brands to put on products other than toys, Mr.

Mattel focused on customers, specifically parents, who were no longer sure if they could trust Mattel products.

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Mattel has certified only eight paint suppliers. A new Web site, www. He might have to tack away from that if he wants some sort of smooth sailing. Thank you for subscribing. Mattel's third recall comes at a particularly awkward time for the company.

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Lead Paint Prompts Mattel to Recall , Toys