Montaigne s inconsistency of our actions

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Though I always intend to speak well of good things, and rather to interpret such things as fall out in the best sense than otherwise, yet such is the strangeness of our condition, that we are often pushed on to do well even by vice itself, if well-doing were not judged by the intention only. The quotations from the ancient Greek and Roman writers that pepper his text increased in number with each edition he published; they are evidence piling up about what he calls the "human condition. Montaigne was born to a Catholic father and a Protestant mother at a time when Catholic-Protestant tensions were mounting in many parts of Europe. Who is it that does not voluntarily exchange his health, his repose, and his very life for reputation and glory, the most useless, frivolous, and false coin that passes current amongst us? He that can cast off within himself and resolve the offices of friendship and company, let him do it. The essay contains much more than that, offering M. To this day, the suppliers of popular novels are incapable of anything better, which is good enough for ordinary consumption. Tales sunt hominum mentes, quali pater ipse Juppiter auctificas lustravit lumine terras.

But since this is an arduous and hazardous undertaking, I wish fewer people would meddle with it. Leschemelle, Pierre.

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The archer ought first to know at what he is to aim, and then accommodate his arm, bow, string, shaft, and motion to it; our counsels deviate and wander, because not levelled to any determinate end. They propose to themselves God, an infinite object in goodness and power; the soul has there wherewithal, at full Edition: current; Page: [28] liberty, to satiate her desires: afflictions and sufferings turn to their advantage, being undergone for the acquisition of eternal health and joy; death is to be wished and longed for, where it is the passage to so perfect a condition; the asperity of the rules they impose upon themselves is immediately softened by custom, and all their carnal appetites baffled and subdued, by refusing to humor and feed them, these being only supported by use and exercise.

The marriage between Pierre Eyquem de Montaigne and Antoinette de Louppes withstood religious friction, although family relations were not always harmonious.

Montaigne s inconsistency of our actions

And in the family, habit creates this same sense of uniformity"there he she goes again. Ambition is of all others the most contrary humor to solitude; glory and repose are things that cannot possibly inhabit in one and the same place.

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He only fights it with words, and in the meantime, if the shootings and dolors he felt did not move him, why did he interrupt his discourse?

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