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He advised Muslim that if develop a true faith no one can stop them. He possessed a magic quality. The united front can be formed under the leadership of the Muslim League. Iqbal also worked for the prosperity of Muslims. The whole face of Indian politics was changed by his courage, intellect, and character. He wrote his poetry urging the Muslims to break the slavery chain. As a leader of the Muslims, he showed wonderful understanding. He proved by his character that Islam in the subcontinent is itself a destined. At that time, India was ruled by the British when he saw the uncooperative attitude of Hindus and the British, he united the Muslims of Indo-Pakistan subcontinent on one platform. Unless there is unity among us nothing can be achieved in the world. He, therefore, declared that Hindus and Muslims were two separate nations, and devoted himself to the cause of the Muslims.

Noor Muhammad was the name of his father. So for success in any field of life, it is essential to cultivate three qualities, that is Unity, Faith and Discipline, which Quaid of the nation commanded us.

His message will remain forever.

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Iqbals Momin and Nietzsches superman do have some things in common. But Nietzsches superman is an atheist, whereas Iqbals Momin not only believes in God but also has spiritual and religious powers.

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Allama Iqbal realized that the way of success lies in Islam. He lost his father, Mir Muttaqi Khan early in life so he had to struggle with various adverse circumstances at an early stage of his life. It is for everyone and for every age.

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My Favourite Personality Allama Iqbal Essay