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Both of these systems have their own structural rules. It is long. For example: For us the news is a concern.

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I then give each word to different individual students. The election-year politics are annoying for many people.

Noun phrase rules

Milk is good. Tree representations[ edit ] The representation of noun phrases using parse trees depends on the basic approach to syntactic structure adopted. With and without determiners[ edit ] In some languages, including English, noun phrases are required to be "completed" with a determiner in many contexts, and thus a distinction is made in syntactic analysis between phrases that have received their required determiner such as the big house , and those in which the determiner is lacking such as big house. Situations in which this is possible depend on the rules of the language in question; for English, see English articles. I've met him. For illustrations of different analyses of noun phrases depending on whether the DP hypothesis is rejected or accepted, see the next section. Any part of the noun phrase can simply be stripped away apart from the word 'The' here, as 'consultant' is not a noun phrase in itself. Modifier — Article There are only three articles in modern English: a, an, the. They describe what kind of lives people want. The tree shows how the lighter dependents appear as pre-dependents preceding their head and the heavier ones as post-dependents following their head. The prepositional phrase against the atom bomb modifies defense.

They spoke about corruption. By taking the determiner, a function word, to be head over the noun, a structure is established that is analogous to the structure of the finite clausewith a complementizer.

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To test, a single pronoun can replace the whole noun phrase, as in "They look delicious". Thus in the sentence Here is the big house, both house and big house are N-bars, while the big house is a noun phrase.

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Noun Phrases Examples