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Were Johnny, Ponyboy and Dallas heroes of the fire incident even though the fire was probably started by one of their cigarettes? What are some things he might have left out and why?

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What other expenses are never mentioned? Darry assumes guardianship over his brothers in this story. Three Curtis brothers struggle to stay together. What does this mean for his future? How are they different? What are they called today and how are they similar? Would the boys have been better off in foster care? What do you think of her? Is it safe to walk alone? Darry was raising Ponyboy and Sodapop because their parents were dead. Three rings are on the hand of the Soc who beat Johnny. The characters attended a high school where there were the rich, elite students who picked on the poorer, less privileged ones. The tagline for the movie version starts like this: "They grew up on the outside of society. Pony and Johnny read from the book, Gone with the Wind, while they are hiding out, and Johnny asks for it while he is in the hospital. They were looking to belong" Source.

Do you think Ponyboy will be okay in the end? Would he have gone to college if he did not have to care for Ponyboy?

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Dally and Cherry are the Romeo and Juliet of this story. What emotions do you feel for that character? Are these two stories similar? Pretend you're a career counselor. Three Socs save the children from the church fire.

Outsiders questions

Randy is tired of fighting at the end. Who is your favorite character and why? If you say "yes," what advice would you give each of the Curtis brothers to help them cope? Based on the novel, do you agree? Next Practice Projects Pop Quiz! If you were to choose a movie that best gives you the opportunity to escape your own life, what movie would you select and why? What are the demographics of Tulsa during this time period?

Pick one topic that Ponyboy sincerely feels is unfair and write about the relationship it has with your own life. Hinton would have been 11 years old when the movie first came out, and she wrote The Outsiders five years later.

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Why or why not?

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