Polygon of forces essay

It is less easy to know the effect of two or more forces acting at a point i. The spring balance was adjusted as described in step 15 until equilibrium was achieved.

It may be necessary to make minor adjustments to the angle to obtain a precise measurement. In this way, the triangle of forces gives the direction of the equilibrant - and so the resultant is equal and opposite to it.

Recommendation It is recommended for this experiment to be more effective in future investigation and for confirmation of theories, that pulleys be situated so that the distance between the cords and the board are closer.

Vectors are drawn end on end, as for the triangle of forces, and the closing side provides the line of action and magnitude of the equilibrant - and the arrows follow round to give the direction. For non-right-angled triangles use the Sine Rule hence the magnitudes of forces in a Force Polygon can be calculated by dividing into triangles DT Online Buyers' Guide Simple Frames and Linkages can be explored using Construction Kits such as those listed below.

triangle and polygon of forces

The system was in equilibrium as when it disturbed it returned to its original place.

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Equilibrium of Forces Acting at a Point