Prop 34

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In light of the Prop 34 results, death penalty advocates certainly will push for a resumption of executions in the Golden State. And Safe California educated the public on its pitfalls. Liberals, Democrats, Catholics and residents of the San Francisco Bay area were more likely to support repeal, with abolition receiving strong support from blacks and Latinos.

Proposition 34 marked the first opportunity in more than three decades for California voters to decide whether to retain the death penalty, which has been scrapped by a number of other states in recent years. Those are the issues that are being brought to the electorate for the first time.

However, aside from the prohibitive cost, a number of impediments remain. Does it deter? Although Prop 34 was unsuccessful, California's death penalty is fundamentally beyond repair.

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Their pay would be deducted to pay for any debts owed to victims of crime.

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