Public interest in serial killers

The police seemed worried too. Three years later, the police arrested a man who confessed to the four mids murders, and to three others. All the messy details are composited into a single figure: the serial killer.

Public interest in serial killers

Guided tours of his killing grounds in east London still attract huge crowds, particularly at night. People are drawn to understanding the dark side, and the dark side is part of the human condition. We regret the error.

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On the show he appears witty and charming, with coiffured hair and a flamboyant shirt and suit. Female serial killers tend to kill by less-gory methods—poisoning rather than shooting—which makes their stories less sensational.

Female serial killers tend to "gather" their victims -- targeting people around them who they may already know, often for financial gain. Catharsis One of the more provocative explanations for the appeal of serial killers is that they serve some kind of social function, allowing us to indulge our most vengeful fantasies without having to act them out, and, once the killer is caught, without having to feel guilty about it.

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Thanks for watching! There is no modern John Wayne Gacy. According to the Radford database, there have been more than 2, serial killers in the U. Gacy dressed up as his alter egos, Pogo and Patches, for parties, or sometimes to entertain children at nearby hospitals. Based on the Radford University serial killer database , which includes data on nearly 4, killers, just 46 percent of serial killers since have been white men. Over the next two years, Alcala raped and murdered three more. Visit Website How did this extraordinary situation come to pass? And perhaps we can understand this better through an evolutionary lens.

Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Bonn has a few theories about why white male killers get more attention.

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Why Are We So Fascinated By Serial Killers?