Redbull imc plan

Constant updates will also be made through Facebook and Twitter so users can be kept in touch with the upcoming events that are in line with the new Red Bull Product.

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Marketing Budget Upon trying the beverage, he found it to have a relieving effect on his jet lag. Creative Brief For example, pupil tracking technology can be employed to determine what part of the ad catches their attention most.

Published on Jul 25, This Slideshare presentation is a partial preview of the full business document. Red Bull will be advertising in a way whereby it will appeal and excite the target audience when they watched the advertisement.

Evaluation and Control Beside advertisement, Red Bull has also come up with Sales Promotions to attract the audience to have greater purchase satisfaction for buying more at a cheaper price.

The Starch Readership Service method will be applied on print advertisements such as magazines. Situational Analysis 1.

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It will restrict the competitors from manufacturing, copying and selling the drink.

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Red Bull Case Study IMC Plan