Role of police in national integration

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Moreover, the Muslim community invested more in trading jobs than in education, maybe out of fear of discrimination in white-collar jobs. However, major challenges still remain. Ministry of Home Affairs also provides specialized manpower, training and equipments to State Governments to strengthen the security. Based on the threat perception and sensitivity, the Govt. Our policy of engagement has helped secure peace in many areas that had experienced considerable violence in the past. The problems of terrorism and Left Wing Extremism constitute two major challenges that our society and polity face today. But irrespective of their backgrounds, the nation has the right to demand better commitments to human rights from whoever wins the April 17 election. Ultimately, less than 0. This can explain why backward states are also frequently mentioned in the list of cadre wishes Figure 3. The conference set up the NIC to review national integration issues and make recommendations. The media also has to play an increasingly important and constructive role in promoting peace and harmony in our society. Hence, after Independence the loyalty of ICS officers was suspect.

The preliminary test was introduced to weed out non-serious contenders among thecandidates who sit for it every year on average. To preserve the anonymity of the respondents, the exact year of the batch is not given, but it is one recruited between and Muslim teaching institutions suffer from their poor adaptability and from the decline of Urdu, their literary language.

Until the s, the university profile of the IAS officers used to be homogeneous and primarily based on humanities Subramaniam Many of them say that their stay in the Academy is their first exposure to the diversity of the Indian population.

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It comprises personal information on recruits, such as gender, age, place of birth, administrative category, religion, educational background, marital status, language used for written and oral entrance examination.

Security matters have been regularly reviewed and discussed jointly with State Governments.

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But is there a necessary linkage between the social background of the administrators and the way they take their decisions in office? The concept does not apply to SC and ST candidates who can still benefit from reserved seats even if they belong to this category, but OBC candidates coming in the creamy layer are not entitled to reservations. While an IAS officer starts with a salary of 15, rupees per month, an engineer can easily get twice this amount at the beginning of his career. Mehta, Vinod ed. High-level civil servants can also go abroad for a couple of years, and some of them even get prestigious postings in the UN or WTO. Members of this Council have played an active role in ensuring that people respond with maturity to developments that may otherwise flare up communal tempers. In the Academy, although it is possible to make the probationers mingle in the hostels, it is not the case in the canteen. After completion of the course in the Academy, the IAS probationers are sent to the districts for a one-year practical training in the state to which they have been assigned It is a matter of great satisfaction that in recent years relations among various communities have by and large remained harmonious. Administrators come from specific social classes and their behaviour is influenced by their social origin.

The National Investigation Agency has begun investigating terrorist related crimes in the right earnest.

The efforts to make the higher civil service more representative through reservations are limited to a purely quantitative approach to national integration, and do not transcend the social, religious and ethnic cleavages that divide Indian society.

I look forward to rich and productive deliberations on the issues flagged in today's agenda.

Role of police in national integration

In , in a memorandum on centre-state relations, the communist government of West Bengal stated that the All-India Services must be abolished. Upper caste students argue that the quota system is contrary to the merit principle and jeopardises performance. Our country has come a long way since Barik, R. The different private interest groups within administration are often conflicting and their strengths vastly unequal. Jharkhand has held Panchayat elections after decades. It is with this intent that the Home Ministry has circulated instructions for dealing with crowds in a non-lethal manner. In addition to these, advisories are also being issued to further strengthen the security at all civil airports in the country as per the prevailing threat perception for them from time to time. We have made efforts at providing more opportunities with greater inclusion in higher education. The questions about the human rights situation in Indonesia, which were provided to the candidates in advance, were to the point and relevant, and the moderators who posed the questions even asked candidates to refer to cases and examples in their responses. The pan-Indian character of the IAS is sometimes considered incompatible with the federal principle, an erosive force acting against the autonomy of the states, while its members are viewed as the agents of the central government in the regions. How could an elite administration itself affected by casteism, communalism and regionalism offer the perspective of a collective quest for common goals?
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