Semiotics analysis of lego advert

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With the airplane figure on it, it can be assumed that the background is sky. As a designer, I recommender that when you design an advertising, try to think about the structure and how to engage your audiences by position the elements.

The room the man is sitting in is very sterile and empty and the only other known items visible is a newspaper, knocked over drinking glass and a chest of draws in the background.

Semiotic analysis of advertisement pdf

As a designer, those thing is the important things for us to think about when you designing. By look at the rightmost boy, we can tell that this boy is unhappy compare with other children, his gesuture also is holding a water bottle that tells this boy is in a kind of hopeless at the moment because he want to paly with toy just like other children do. In this case, the rightmost boy is the only one who has not play with toy and chat with other children, the rest of boys made the rightmost boy become a salient in the representation. The buildings are the index of builders. They can imagine of making anything they want and making it realby using the pieces of LEGO bricks. Schroeder, Jonathan E. Her partner being unknown to the audience does signify that he is likely unknown to her as well. The airplane Like what have been said in denotation level, it is obvious that the red LEGO bricks imply an airplane. Sign: text builders of tomorrow The text builder of tomorrow are a symbol sign. It is also an index sign, the signifier is building, and the signified is builders. Consider element surround it syntagmatic sign. The reason why he is looks helpless because his gesture is holding a water bottle hardly. The size is bigger can be means that you want to audiences to see it, the color is stand out from the background or the entire image can be emphasis your main point. In this case, vector in the image is steel sling, which the children are sitting on. It can be seen from the way those red bricks are arranged.

Then, we used the Leg blocks to censor theonline The encoded message that they aimed to convey was: The television, although a great source of entertainment, it is also known as the idiot box. Blue on Green 4. By using the color red on the bricks, the advertisement means to tell the consumers that the products of LEGO can encourage children to create things which also stimulate their imagination and creativity.

Semiotic analysis of advertisement

Which represent children are the builders or workers for the future. From the first glance, It is immediately noticeable that this controversial advertisement is clearly very different from the traditional advertisements one would expect trot Leg. Theoretical Framework Semiotics is a theory that observes signs and how signs work Sebeok And on the right of the frame we see the door handle and door. Schroeder, Jonathan E. In addition, it is a metonymic sign. Not only left —right, give — new structure, also can be think about top-bottom, ideal —real structure. The advertisement also has an ideology that LEGO tries to tell the consumers. By use it, audiences will change the mind about what they already know. For example, the first image that I have analyzed has a give information on the left which mean that the Stonehenge is a old building, and from the left to right, the new mean of LEGO logo is become LEGO Company is also old, and have a long history.

Semiotics: Roland Barthes. Semiotic analysis: Gucci release of a new fragrance called Guilty.

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The way that connect different sign on this two images are also similar, the spatial relation eg. America in Class. He has accepted it as a normal practice and therefore does not realize that he eight have a drinking problem, and that killing himself should not be an option for whatever problem he may have.

Sign is a thing that carries meaning Robinson.

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Since the picture that is being analyzed in this research is an advertisement, the color red also has something to do with marketing. According to what is written in a page of America in Class, an airplane can be a symbol of innovation by human being America in Class.

Semiotics analysis of lego advert

The direct of eyes will helps engage in the image and amplify the message. The best result is put elements that will emphasis the point together, and it will also servers to the topic. Blue on Green 4. For example, the first image that I have analyzed has a give information on the left which mean that the Stonehenge is a old building, and from the left to right, the new mean of LEGO logo is become LEGO Company is also old, and have a long history. Therefore, it is good for children to play with LEGO bricks because it can give good impacts to the development of their creativity. This series of adverts carries a strong message but it is pulled off in a very simple and effective way. Even though the logo and name is not visible, the very iconic bottle and labeling become a synecdoche making it recognizable to the audience. White on Blue What are the advertiser is trying to do here is to take a product that has been around for over 60 years, is well known throughout the world and appeals to a large demographic and market the idea of the power of imagination and the endless possibilities of the famous building blocks.
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Semiotics Analysis of Lego Advert