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In my time as a board member, I have found SPJ to be a truly welcoming and supportive community.

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There, she worked nights writing obits after college, eventually moving to breaking news. Because the Quick Strike team was covering the news as it broke, other reporters in the room had the time to think about what people would need and on day two. Nearly two weeks could pass without updates. You are going to have new hires. But I want good thought put into it, I want accuracy put into it, and I want a position stated. Buyouts kept coming. MP: A business decision that you would rather keep private is uncovered by one of your reporters at the Star Tribune and the reporter wants to write about it. Among mobile readers, the piece had an engagement time of eight minutes. Is the Star Tribune purchase and the media business similar in that sense, that it is a high-profile field? It took Carr time to care about pageviews, but he now sees the changes as audience-focused.

And, while overall morale has improved, features reporter Amelia Rayno understands why the focus on digital has been hard for some in the newsroom. How would publications stay afloat in the digital age?

Star tribune business reporter

When I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a journalism degree, the doomsday predictions for our industry were all about money. Emma Nelson for president elect Emma Nelson is the lead St. Do we do that now, are we doing that? Is it newsworthy? We have to be the filter. It is going to be done. Buyouts kept coming. One publisher was legally barred from his job before resigning.

Also the U. Briana Bierschbach for treasurer Briana Bierschbach is a political reporter with nearly a decade of experience covering the Minnesota Capitol. MP: Less so now?

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But once the media finds out, I have learned that you never try and stop it. The Star Tribune produced a special section that weekend with four different covers.

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