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Utilitarianism theory, a subset of teleological ethics, accepts utility, or the greatest happiness theory as the foundation of morals. For accounting purposes such costs are generally capitalised as leasehold improvements Can the themes of evasion literature be applied to avoidance activities?

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The first considers ethics to be a set of principles that apply regardless of the consequences of the actions. Could further research into this attitude help to understand the behaviour of those who undertake avoidance activities? There are two main sides to the argument for a more socially responsible corporate citizen.

This point has been used to underline the fact that including the opinions of stakeholders in the running of a company can help to include consideration of the impact of a decision on workforces, communities and the government.

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Furthermore, the utilisation of wood extractives as antioxidants in food is being researched. When thinking about what actions lead toward the greatest happiness, it is important to consider whether a good is being maximised rather than the good — whether the greatest happiness of some is being obtained rather than the greatest happiness of all. However, the judiciary appear reluctant to be too prescriptive when dealing with tax cases — indeed in Macniven v Westmoreland, Lord Hoffman noted that creating an overlying principle that would guide tax behaviour was beyond the constitutional authority of the courts. However, this could be at the cost of damage to innovation and the economy, in which case the overall good might not have been maximised. It is a concept of self-reflection that requires those involved in the debate to challenge their own arguments. Other countries have adopted different strategies for dealing with this issue. Our firm has specialists who can assist you to develop topic ideas for a dissertation on taxation. The argument has been raised that tax avoidance is unethical because if some people avoid their taxes, then others will have to bear an increased burden. For all the heated argument, there does not appear to have been a suggestion that would be acceptable to all sides of the argument of what to do about the fact that taxpayers are permitted to undertake tax avoidance activities by the law. The board of a company needs to balance its responsibility to its shareholders with other responsibilities to its employees, suppliers, customers and communities. The benefits of radical simplification appear to be a system that is administratively less expensive to run and more certain for taxpayers and tax authorities alike. This approach may leave the government open to litigation under human rights legislation, although this view is not shared by all.
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