The advantages and disadvantages of industrialization

This disadvantage would eventually lead to the formation of corporate, large-scale forming. In the United States, Congress appointed the Environmental Protection Agency EPA to issue limits for toxic air emissions, rules to phase-out ozone-depleting chemicals and their proper disposal, and other major tasks to reduce environmental risks.

It led to the modern development of municipalities. Industrialization Short advantages and disadvantages of industrialization Industrialization Industrialization of the building trade is a question of material.

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Heavy industries and cottage industries must be complementary to each other, so that sustained development would be possible. Wages and worker safety were rarely an important part of that equation.

The advantages and disadvantages of industrialization

Advantages and Disadvantages of Industries Vinish Parikh February 17, Industries are necessary for the well being of the people of every country because industry together with agriculture helps the country in achieving its economic growth and development. Con: Poor Working Conditions When factories sprung up in the cities and industrial towns, their owners prized production and profit over all else. Con: Overcrowding of Cities and Industrial Towns The promise of better wages attracted migrants to cities and industrial towns that were ill-prepared to handle them. Dominate of people Capitalistic ethics with a craving for more and more money seem to dominate and influence millions of people. Here is an essay sample written in Pros and Cons Essay …. Conclusion It is time that emphasis is put on a planned and balanced industrialization keeping in view the preservation of environment. Financial Disadvantages Financially, industrialization results in a wide gap between the rich and poor due to a division of labor and capital. Countries could expand their import and export markets for the goods that were being made.

Governmental bureaucracies grew to support these, and new specialized departments were created to handle traffic, sanitation, taxation, and other services. Cover page letter Disadvantages of industrialization essay The advantages of tourism includes employment opportunity, growth a worn path setting essay of service pc vs mainframe essays sector, foreign exchange earnings, opportunity for recreation, economic growth, cultural ….

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This disadvantage is what eventually led us to the world of genetically modified foods, potentially harmful pesticides, and similar problems in our food chain. As populations rise, more of our resources go toward human use instead of allowing nature to run its course.

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The only real specialists that existed in the economy before the Industrial Revolution were the farmers and agricultural workers who grew one crop for sale. Spread diseases It is very unhealthy and general dirty in an around the industrial site is affecting the human health and happiness. From approximately to , the United States transformed from an agrarian society, in which the economy is established on the society's ability to produce and regulate crops, to an industrialized society; this period is better known as the Industrial Revolution. That is why a majority of the income today is in the nations that went through the Industrial Revolution at its earliest stages. However with everything else there are two sides of coin. Unfortunately, there is high survival is being a questioned due to the evil of industrialization which is unplanned growth in our time. Diseases, unheard of before, are spreading far and wide. Many of the environmental problems that we still struggle with today are because of the activities and follow-up technologies from the Industrial Revolution. As new manufacturing equipment began to make its way to factory floors, there were new jobs created in each community. And it also brought to the countries and people together. Improves standard of living Due to the presence of many industries, people are getting the new type of products such as television, clothes, automobiles, furniture, etc. Since industries tend to attract many people it leads to problem urbanization where many people from rural areas shift to urban areas leading to urbanization problems like lack of housing, congestion, lack of green space, health related problems and so on.

While grueling farm-related labor was made far easier, and in many cases far safer, by replacing animal power and human power with tractors and other specialized vehicles to till the soil and plant and harvest crops, other vehicles, such as trains and automobileseffectively reduced the amount of healthy exercise people partook in each day.

To fuel the factories and to sustain the output of each and every type of manufactured good, natural resources water, trees, soil, rocks and minerals, wild and domesticated animals, etc.

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We have discussed them below: Advantages The advantages of industrialization are given below: The growth of industries has resulted in large scale production of goods which are available to the consumer at much cheaper rates. It was not petroleum that helped to initially fuel the Industrial Revolution around the world. One of the drivers of this problem is carbon dioxide. The grave uncertainties in the money-market sometimes bring misfortunes for the common people. This disadvantage led to problems with sewage and sanitation, which caused contamination of the local drinking water. As the factories grew and workers became more specialized, additional teachers and trainers were needed to pass on specialized skills. The Industrial Revolution led to the rise of specialists. Some groups of workers fixed machines when they broke down, while others were charged with making improvements to them and overall factory operation. Unless we learn from the lessons of the past, we will repeat the same mistakes in the future. Large scale heavy industries lead to a sharp fall in the number of cottage industries and their gradual disappearance. Have we truly benefitted from the processes and technologies that came from the Industrial Revolution?

Should the developing world go through this process as well? Thanks to the Industrial Revolution, there was a rapid production of useful items and hand tools. When inventories began to build and products became cheaper, we could make clothes that lasted longer.

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Disadvantages of industrialization essay