The essence of human nature

For every allegedly distinctive property of humanity — reason, morality, language — we can find other animals who share some version of those properties or humans who lack them.

Aristotle—Plato's most famous student—made some of the most famous and influential statements about human nature. By this was created a "living soul", that is, a "living person".

In this respect, the superficial belief that water is wet reveals an important causal psychological process which is widely shared by most human beings. Thus, human nature cannot be the underlying cause of these properties and accordingly cannot fulfill its causal explanatory role.

Machery's account of human nature cannot give an account to such differences between men and women as the nomological account only picks out the common features within a species.

human nature philosophy

Are they right? For these reasons, Hull observes that, in contemporary evolutionary taxonomybelonging to a particular species does not depend on the possession of any specific intrinsic properties.

theories of human nature

Criticism of the concept of human nature[ edit ] Philosopher of science David L. Since the Neo-Darwinian synthesis was formulated in the first half of the 20th century, evolutionary biology has been wedded to anti-essentialist thinking.

Get weekly dispatches with the latest ideas from our thinking community. In this light, the female menstrual cycle which is a biologically an essential and useful feature cannot be included in a nomological account of human nature. Confucious stated, "What you do not wish for yourself, do not impose upon others.

It must depend on teachers and laws to become correct and achieve propriety and righteousness and then it becomes disciplined. A publicly enforceable moral standard would require a convergence of opinion about human nature, a collective weighing and sifting.

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Philosophical Disquisitions: Does Human Nature Exist? On the Philosophy of Human Nature