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It is a retail store which means we purchase large quantities of supplies from a major distributor and we sell it in our shop to other customers. Discussions 2.

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Instead of simply supplying a comprehensive maintenance service to all of its customers, ABB now offers different levels of service and prices as part of a negotiated service agreement. Companies must ensure that their customers' intangible financial assets are carefully safeguarded in transactions that occur via phone or the Web.

There are no simple rules governing decisions about core products and supplementary services.

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When customers do not visit the service factory, the need for hospitality may be limited to simple courtesies in letters and telecommunications. Figure 2. The online booking could be done via personal computer or mobile phone which is very convenient to the customers.

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Because Air Asia has a large number of customers and many of them are members of Air Asia, also many of the members are willing to tick the option to agree to receive the email notice from the company to inform them about the most updated promotion information that is coming. Regarding the call center, the company provides two types of lines: normal hot line and premium hot line as we can see from the figure below. ABB's Power Transformers business realized that not all customers needed or wanted the same levels of maintenance service; some utilities prefer to handle maintenance in-house, using their own employees and equipment. Our flowers are local flowers in addition to exotic flowers that we ship from other parts of the world. The first payment method which is the most frequently used and is also encouraged by the company to used by the customers is the direct debit. The flower of service consists of four facilitation services. Not every core product will be surrounded by a large number of supplementary services from all eight petals. Thompson, A. A fourth payment method is equal to a direct debit which is through cooperation with the third party payment service providers such as Alipay and Paypal widely used among the Australia customers. The "information" and "consultation" petals emphasize the need for education as well as promotion in communicating with service customers. However, financial services that are provided electronically are an exception to this. But even if not actively desired by the customer, they still form part of the overall service experience. That way the resulting Flower of Service will always have a fresh and appealing appearance rather than looking wilted or disfigured by neglect. There are no simple rules governing decisions about core products and supplementary services. But still there could be exceptional handling which could only be grated while higher management empowerment is obtained but such exceptional handlings are also rare.
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