The issue of the speeches in other peoples money

The issue of the speeches in other peoples money

The movie ends in a romance rather than the preying money games to color the life with love. Bill Coles: I don't want the rug pulled out from under my feet so close to the finish line! The first ideology is a very old school way to run a company focusing on hard work, staying away from debt, and caring about the employees and the community. It is, in every sense, the very fabric that binds our society together. And in his wake lies nothing but a blizzard of paper to cover the pain. This section of the entire business could have potentially survived if Jorgy had adjusted and changed with the times. Invest it somewhere else. I do want to point out that many people have criticized Larry and his business tactics. I'll tell ya: Me. Certain industries and businesses come and go, and as long as this happens there will be somebody there to profit from it. And there is something that needs to be done about it.

Kyle Barna October 30, at pm I find it interesting to see the varying perspectives of dying industries in this film. And by the way, it pleases me that I'm called 'Larry the Liquidator.

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I love money more than I love the things it can buy. I'm the only friend you've got. DeVito, an unfortunate looking man as it is, played a character so repugnant I almost could not even focus on the issues of Mergers and Acquisitions.

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In the end of the movie, love beat money……. If we can expect the potential danger of company in near future, probably we should think about merger and acquisition to protect our investors.

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There are only three things in this world with that kind of unconditional acceptance: dogs, doughnuts and money. This involves a proxy contest in which dissatisfied shareholders try to gain a controlling number of seats on a board of directors by means of a formal vote. The companies involved in any merger or aquisition are not the only players in the game. I feel it exemplified some of the ideals that upper mgmt should display. Bea offers this bribe because she is driven by her love for Jorgy. In this buying and selling process, Larry made great profits. Obviously if you are involved with the company there is an emotional connection that would sway you one way. Because that's what you just heard - a prayer. Current management refused to invest for the future nor did they keep up the times. Basically, I could say that I agree with Larry because the primary goal of any company is to make profit. He argues that killing the cancerous wire division is necessary to protect the other companies and do right by the shareholders. The issues of responsibility to the community, obsolescense in technology, investing strategy of stockholders, ethics, and aquisition posibilities all arise as potential things to consider when making strategic management decisions. Lawrence Garfield: They're like nuclear warheads. She uses the money to buy the land NEWC used to occupy to set up an employee retraining center which places about one hundred workers of the twelve hundred that had worked at the plant in jobs.

It is likely that he was referring to much more than money. New England Wire and Cable had not yet embraced these changes and remained blind to industry trends. A company that is being acquired in an acquisition may be hesitant to have this occur even though are strategic advantages to them.

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The stockholders meeting was the most interesting part of the movie, because I really got to see the conflicting priorities that stakeholders have. I'm your only friend. I didn't kill it.

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Of course, financial leverage, the degree to which a firm uses borrowed funds, is a two-way street. The paternalistic Jorgy values tradition, community, stability, and predictability and feels that he, his employees, and the community all have too much to lose to permit liquidation of the division. What intangible assets exist and how can they produce a synergy or enhance the acquiring company? Jorgenson: Well, it's good to see so many familiar faces, so many old friends. Company acquisitions are often surrounded by difficult decisions and a lot of business realm politics. I'm makin' you money. He also reminds the shareholders that the reason they invested in the company in the first place is profit. That is the only goal of consequence. You know why? It don't care which god I pray to. This is what business is all about.
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