The problems faced by students in malaysia essay

In return, most Malaysians especially the new generations are not good in the using English language nor are they good at using their mother tongue. This is where you can write down any in it. This is because nearly all English teachers use textbooks.

Despite that, the heightened interest in the English language, teachers frequently face various difficulties and challenges while teaching English as a foreign language meanwhile the students also facing the same predicament as the teachers.

Now, teachers and students are given the chance to teach and learn in their own preferred language. Creation of educational environments a conducive to their academic success and the use of educational strategies known to be effective with these students should be prepared for.

Constantly keep in mind it is good to make mistakes, because you can learn from them and improve with what you did wrong and improve that. Read as much as possible, look for English books, English articles and newspapers, and use a dictionary when you find words you cannot understand.

As a result of this, students who do not have the feeling to read ultimately failed the subject. Most of the students may prefer to speak in their native language with their friends and family members.

Therefore, the rural students are left with young inexperience teachers or with non optionist teachers who have to teach English due to imbalance distribution of English teachers.

Students should play a greater role in this aspect as to whom much is given, much is expected. So students pass all subjects with the exception of English is the same as nonentity.

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English in Malaysia: Concerns facing Nativization.

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The Problems Faced By Students In Malaysia Essay Example