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Many of the mass murderers of the past have been found to play violent video games. However, what they do not consider is the impact of being raised playing video games.

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Over the years studies have shown reasonable concerns regarding the long-term effects of video games. Be it in form of Wii Games, Nintendo or Xbox; children nowadays seems to be practically smitten with video games. Since then, video games have gotten more in depth, with better graphics and more options which include violent video games. I believe that Video games can make a better society by helping people mentally, socially and emotionally The game a child plays can be a good or a bad thing in his life. Numerous studies have shown that video games, especially ones with violent content, make teens more aggressive. What many may not realize is that research does assert how the violent contents within video games may lead to aggression, possibly from arousal and being desensitized to real violence. From the World Wide Web, to cell phones, music, movies and video games the human race has thought of any and everything to keep us entertained. In C. Vvg is repeatedly blamed for damaging the mental states of children. One effect that is common with all of them is their addiction.

Many people believe that the violence in video games promotes aggression. A bomb goes off behind you, taking thousands of innocent lives. Findings from certain research are contradictory: some studies show an increase in aggressiveness, while others suggest a decrease in criminality.

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Television is the most common source of violent media, but electronic video games are rapidly growing in popularity. Video games are interwoven with our daily lives.

It is clear that the violent video games may not be seen as violent by children, especially if the aim of watching is entertainment and gaining of computer literacy.

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The industry is very unique in terms of entertainment because players are transported into the game its self essentially becoming part of the script Do violent video games cause child aggression, or do they lead to bad behavior. As video games skyrocketed in popularity, so have public attention and research studies alongside them. Anderson et al. The positive effects of video gaming and the lack of proof that violent games are the actual cause of behavior problems should not be taken for granted. At the same time, with the growing number of users being exposed to these games, it becomes crucial to research the potential threats which emerge from playing these games. There is no question about that. These games can desensitize gamers to real life violence, which is usually seen in the younger crowd.

Because children are so easily influenced, the video games they play heavily impact their everyday lives in a number of ways. I will include scientific studies done on violent video games.

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Boys no longer want a new plastic gun for birthday; they want a new video game that involves killing more virtual characters. Many violent video games seek to show that people should be handled with violence regardless their status Ferguson, Common questions asked are things like? When interviewed, some kids who play this type of games say that they are not negatively affected by the games. More and more children are becoming addicted to what once was a recreational, family-friendly activity and is now filled with violent, sexual, and blatantly inappropriate themes Video games especially violent ones help vision and hand eye coordination. The researchers found that action video games boosted faster and better performance in perceptual learning tasks. Violent video games are not the same as movies, but the players behave as if they are acting and practicing real violence. Where should the lines be drawn in terms of content? Although violent games are sometimes associated with real-life violence, researchers haven't proved they are the actual causes of violence. Vvg is repeatedly blamed for damaging the mental states of children. Struggling with your essay on video game violence? Part of the increase in aggressive behavior is linked to the amount of time children are allowed to play video games Last, the attitudes on violent game and antisocial. Numerous studies have shown that video games, especially ones with violent content, make teens more aggressive.
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