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I knew that I wanted to go into a career in the medical field and physical therapy was the career path that blended aspects of my life that I am passionate about: physical activity and helping people.

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How or why did you choose the University of Iowa for your education? The added benefit of having your aforementioned awesome coworkers is that they're likely pretty active people. By having to undergo these different treatment protocols I was given the opportunity to learn different treatments and techniques, but I also had the chance to perform some of the different modalities of physical therapy that was appropriate for my rehabilitation program. From performing planks alongside patients to using the clinic treadmill during lunch breaks, physical therapists have a pretty difficult time making excuses for bailing on exercise. I want to pursue becoming a physical therapist and the only way that will happen is through my education. Overall, physical therapy impacts the general health of people in countless ways. Thank you for any assistance and comments.

In addition, I would love to work in a professional field pertaining to sports because they have had such a large impact on my life and have shaped who I am today.

There are programs to help physical therapists gain licensure in other countries, and there are even programs within the United States that offer generous financial compensation to attract PTs to unusual locations, such as Alaska.

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She turned me on to physical therapy related professions because she has helped me rehab my more serious injuries and she has done a lot of athletic training type work for me during soccer. The fact that my physical therapist was able to minimize my pain and expedite my recovery made me extremely appreciative of the profession.

Sweet, sweet freedom!

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I have instructed some students diagnosed with special needs i. I see the frustration they experience as they feel beaten down by pain and the inability to function as they did in their youth. Also, what are suggested classes for a physical therapist while in college?

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